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Exclusion and Isolation by LGBT Peers. Even spaces designed for LGBT youth in some instances neglected to provide all youth similarly.

Some interviewees noted that the GSAs at their schools had been comprehensive only of pupils whom recognized as gay or right, and had little to offer to students along with other identities. Cassidy R., a pansexual agender 18-year-old in Utah, would not look closely at their school’s GSA “because I felt it really didn’t pertain to me. ” 111 like I wasn’t included in the conversation, and

Other LGBT pupils described outright discrimination or hostility from LGBT peers. Christopher I., a transgender that is gay in Texas, explained: “The worst i acquired ended up being from homosexual dudes. Whenever meet that is i’d have been actually proud to be gay, they’d be like, ‘Oh, we hate vaginas. ’ Being a homosexual trans man, I’m like, okay, bye. ” 112 Anthony G., a 16-year-old transgender that is demisexual in Texas, stated:

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