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Finding hope after tragedy: Wife’s stroke kept dad with newborn triplets a 12 months ago

Charlie Whitmer’s redheaded, blue-eyed triplets giggle and crawl while they explore their western Town house. One gets up against a sizable front window, fingers squeezed in to the cup, looking away to the street below.

There’s no shortage of men and women to aid Charlie — a stay-at-home dad — using the awesome and responsibility that is inherently chaotic of for three infants. Their household is oftentimes full of site site visitors: buddies, household and nannies. But some body is missing.

Charlie’s spouse, Kathryn, passed away June 8, 2018, at age 31 from complications of the stroke that is hemorrhagic she suffered per week ahead of the triplets’ birth June 4, 2018. Читать далее