there’s been questions that are many the handbook about presenting a couple of guinea pigs

That are the male/female cavy that is best fits for best-buddy experience, and which matches could bring the absolute most dilemmas in their social lives. I really hope this informative article will makes things simple them live happy together for you to decide on your guinea pigs’ social lives and make.

1. Why do you want more than one guinea pig?

Because guinea pigs have become social pets, it will always be recommended which they reside with one or more another cage mate. Having just one single guinea pig makes his/her life lonely, regardless of how long you may spend because you are not (presumably, as you are reading this) of a cavy species, but human – which just doesn’t cut it with him or her. We don’t talk their language, they trying to say to us although we can mostly understand what are.

Solo guinea pig could get lonely, less wondering, less vocal, less active, Читать далее