However, he plays it frighteningly (and hilariously) straight

Arc Number: 7 hours and a half! HAHA! Place Super Mario World has 12. Artistic License Geology: Lampshaded. As we all know, Titanium is the strongest wood of all!! Recent episodes reveal that the second strongest wood of all is Uranium. Awesome, but Impractical and/or Awesome Yet Practical: HAAA HAAAA HADOKEN has a little of Column A and a little of Column B. Awesome McCoolname Bada Adorable: Palom and Porom, especially with Palom learning Meteo shortly after Cecil’s paladin transformation. However, he plays it frighteningly (and hilariously) straight if he is cheated out of a large reward he most definitely earned. Big Oh My God: «. God!. GOD!. GOOOOOOOOD!!» Black Best Friend: Andy the Anarchist, and he makes sure you know. Boisterous Bruiser: Sir Ron himself qualifies fantastically. Break the Haughty: After the deaths of Palom and Porom in Final Fantasy IV, he starts to lose his Hot Blooded attitude. Buffy Speak: Sir Ron generally refers to beings he can’t immediately identify as «man guy things» Remember kids! Family never dies, they’re your one true. things. Yeah! Captain Obvious: Sir Ron gives Kafei this nickname after he explains the rather evident solution to getting through the trap rooms in the thief hideout. Kafei is naturally confused by this when Ron continues to call him such after going back in time again. Tatl: Who is that?

GoSmokies Family, Eleanor and Bonnie have put their heart and soul into these events over the years we have been doing them. They do the work Maples and myself typically get the glory. At times we have asked for feedback. Other times some of us have tried to step out of the lime light and see if someone else would take the ball. Renee and Jim graciously took that ball on the last one and have helped out in the past. This was never meant to be the «Mike’s» hike or a monopoly dictated to by a chosen few. Although it may seem that way to some, it has always been meant to be a family affair. Unfortunately work kept me from being apart of the last event, but I am planning to be at this one. I do not really care whether we go to a waterfall or hunt cars in the woods. This has always been a social event to me. A time to see old friends and make new ones. The hikes have often been designed to accommodate both on trail and off trail hikers. Often they have been a great opportunity for people new to off trail to hike with some seasoned veterans. It is not for everyone and this event has given many folks a chance to try it out and see if it is for them. There is a wealth of knowledge to be had at these events. I try to soak it all in as I have as much to learn as anybody. So please please please let us know if you truly want to continue this event. It is a lot of work that Eleanor and Bonnie put into this. Knox News has been a wonderful supporter since Event 1. We want to keep doing it; however, we do not want to sit and wonder whether anyone will show up. I see the event has been posted so please go to it and gives a «Yay» or «Nay».

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