Reasons you may Be Bleeding After Sex & how to approach It

Reasons you may Be Bleeding After Sex & how to approach It

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Bleeding during intercourse can be very upsetting, but bleeding that is occasional common (up to 9percent of females cope with post-coital bleeding 1). You can easily rest assured that many factors behind bleeding after intercourse are benign 2, but research implies if it lasts for more than four weeks 3 that you should be concerned over the duration of post-coital bleeding, especially. Whatever the good explanation, once you understand what’s leading you to bleed after intercourse is paramount to preventing it from occurring once more.

What Makes You Bleeding After Intercourse?

There’s no simple answer to this question, so we’ll jump directly into possible reasons.

1. Losing Your Virginity

The news illustrates a female losing her virginity as a mess that is bloody towards the hymen (this is actually the membrane layer that surrounds or partially covers the outside genital opening) breaking, therefore we expect you’ll bleed (and harm). Continue reading