Information, guidelines, and resources through the publishing that is academic at AJE

Information, guidelines, and resources through the publishing that is academic at AJE

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Composing a Journal Employment Cover Letter Complimentary Template

The resume cover letter you submit to your target log will be your possiblity to lobby with respect to your manuscript. Below are a few methods for setting it up appropriate, and also a free log employment cover letter template.

Ben Mudrak, PhD

PhD, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Duke University

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The employment cover letter accompanying your log distribution can be your opportunity to lobby with respect to your manuscript. The page is definately not merely a formality and may be written using the exact same care as your manuscript??™s text (or even more). Fundamentally, your employment cover letter is made to influence your decision associated with the editor to deliver your manuscript away for peer review. The page will argue your manuscript is just a good complement the log you’re publishing it to and highlight your most critical findings. This post contains some recommendations, which could additionally be present in our online resources:

Its also wise to guarantee the editor there are no conflicts of great interest that could impact the choice to write your manuscript. In the long run, your resume cover letter should attract the editor enough to see your paper very very carefully and choose to send it for peer review.

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a resume cover letter should really be written such as for instance a business letter that is standard

Address the editor formally by title, if understood. Add your contact information, aswell. Continue reading