HomeworkMarket — The very next day after the statements of people protesting in the streets were wearing T-shirts with these quotes.

And he took on huge risks. A situation may arise in which the PiS report amendments, which do not agree Duda. Then it will have its own veto the bill — considered one of our interviewees from the PiS.zobacz Duda: Judicial reform is needed, but it must be consistent with the Constitution »With such a view does not agree with the political scientist Marek Migalski. — If the PiS will introduce some far-reaching amendments, the President might consider that this was not his projects, and therefore, I personally would see no problem if he had to break off them — says the expert. In his opinion ultimatum issued by the Law and Justice may mean that the party does not want to accept the presidential project. — The main force blocking reform of the judiciary by Andrzej Duda may be not so much the opposition Law and Justice at the club itself, seeking to prove that it Andrzej Duda is a major brake. Well, unless there is some sudden warming of relations, which in the case of doubt — explains Migalski. From the Presidential Palace, we arrive a little flattering comments about the behavior of parliamentarians. — That the members parted on vacation, throwing the president a bill on the table, it is not a comfortable situation. They did not do meetings in the districts to explain to their voters, what happens, what exactly these laws. In general, they did not take the demonstrations and reactions abroad. You can not run away on vacation as the most important operation is carried out throughout the term. It’s like Petru Madeira — tells us the person of the president’s entourage Duda. So again, if it comes to glitches, once again opens the way for devising scenarios reshuffle or early elections. For now — officially excluded scenarios. In less formal talks, however, they are considered all options. He decided one tweet Temporarily Law and Justice, the search for those guilty of the whole situation. Pre them already were selected. — No one expected that the anti-government atmosphere and antyreformatorskich event gets started imprudent one tweet deputy head of the Interior Ministry Jaroslaw Zielinski of marching through the streets of communists, traitors and esbekach. From that moment the matter was already lost and image. Then attempts taken this positive message, thrown among us by in the web space, not simply «żarły» — says our source from the Prime Minister’s Office. In his opinion, the most fuel other side of the dispute gave themselves activists of the ruling camp. In addition tweetu Zielinski all remember the statement of the Minister of Law and Justice deputy spacerowiczach or MEP Christine Pavlovich repeated parliamentary committee on the text of President Kaczynski about the «treacherous murder». — The very next day after the statements of people protesting in the streets were wearing T-shirts with these quotes. It’s amazing — our interlocutor admits. He added that the construction of adequate communication should take place before the filing of bills in the parliament. That has not happened. — There was not even one decent press conference — draws attention. More and more it becomes possible splits in the camp vision of a united right. Already sparked sharp lines Presidential Palace — the Ministry of Justice. For media provocations on the part of deputy ministers and Patrick Michael Wojcik What the president’s spokesman Krzysztof Lapinski wypomniał them that the electoral victory of Andrzej Duda opened the way to winning the united right wing in the parliamentary elections and is thus both men today are Deputy Ministers. At first glance, you would expect that in such an atmosphere to maintain the coalition with ziobrystami (United Poland) will be increasingly difficult. Because you can see that the president’s veto hurt them to a similar extent as the Yaroslav Kaczyńskiego.Nowe bill to be ready within two months. Their shape may decide the future of the camp «good change». As agreed, homework market at a meeting with the president and the president of the Supreme Court announced that it will not use her help but Marek Migalski believes that the president Kaczynski does not have to fear from the destructive movements Zbigniew Ziobro and his men. At least when it comes to maintaining a parliamentary majority. — Ziobryści, contrary to appearances, are the most confident in this puzzle, just because they have earned the confidence of the president, sharply criticizing Andrzej Duda — says the expert. Inquired on Wednesday by journalists about the possibility of further cooperation minister Ziobro suggested that he is open to dialogue. But at the same time put tough conditions. — I hope that the proposals to be presented by the president, will be the realization of election promises and radically reform the judiciary — he announced. He also assured that his party (eight deputies, two senators) is still «loyal coalition partner.» The problem is that the attitude ziobrystów begins to irritate some activists of Law and Justice. — Public displays of disrespect for the president by the deputy ministers work to the detriment of the state. Leadership of the Ministry of Justice should take the cooperation with the Office of the President in order to legislative initiative of President pierced the bills that the chances of success in the parliament — commented in an interview with Jerzy DGP Polaczek PiS MP and Minister of Transport in 2005-2007. Gowinowców attitude is puzzling. It is true that their leader Jaroslaw Gowin voted for a controversial laws (although — as the commentators point out — clearly without enthusiasm), it is clear from our findings that his party would support all Polish president’s veto. PiS coalition in the parliament, in addition to Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin, eight representatives. In the Senate, four, including the Deputy Speaker Adam Bielan. Political analyst Marek Migalski and in this case, however, is confident about the durability of the ruling coalition. — Gowin realized that Kaczynski is not needed for anything. If they rebelled, the president could co-opt activists such as myself. Kukiz’15 with. For this reason, the Deputy Prime Minister will do everything to keep the coalition as a whole, especially in view of the upcoming local elections, the need for which there is no structure — says political scientist. According Migalskiego the only one which could threaten the cohesion of a united right-wing political initiative is possible Andrzej Duda, especially if Justice decides it gradually marginalized. — Any party president could «remove» even good election result in 2019. And even at the level of 10-15 percent. In addition, it would be a coalition partner for the winning party to one or the other political. Only then Duda virtually negates your chances of re-election in the presidential election — says Marek Migalski. Against such a scenario, however, the story speaks Polish political scene, where after 1989. Any president failed to create a group that plays a significant political role. However, our sources in the palace say that Andrzej Duda simply has no intention of setting up your groups. Republicans and smoleńscy followers In the event of any divisions, some right-wing columnists (and also those of the environment niekojarzeni) already outline the division of Law and Justice «Smolensk» and «Republican». To the first group probably trafiłoby immediate surroundings Jaroslaw Kaczynski (former «Order» or Center Alliance) Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz and head of the Interior Ministry Mariusz Błaszczak inclusive. The second group zaliczyłaby not only more moderate part of the PiS activists, but also Poland Jaroslaw Gowin Total Mateusz Morawiecki or supporters. Cover magazine source: Other As a result of internal wars Justice has potentially much to lose. The latest opinion polls, the latest protests on changes in the judiciary shows that support for the ruling party still declares every third voter (35 per cent. According to a study Kantar Public TVP Info, and 33 per cent. By the same research sondażowni for «Gazeta Wyborcza»). But first there was a real risk that in the case of the consolidation of the opposition Law and Justice party could lose the next election. No wonder that quietly are attempts to alleviate the situation. According to our information, the task of «normalization» of relations between the palace and Justice entrusted to the head of the office of President Krzysztof Szczerskiemu. Next week is supposed to meet with president Kaczynski. This does not calms PiS politicians who diagnose that the party has not only become less effective when it comes to activities, eg. Social media, but also — that it is not able to grab the crowds that would constitute a possible counterweight to the recent protests in dozens of Polish cities. One attempt has failed. PiS sympathetic environment «Polish Gazeta» on Sunday had to organize a great, pro-government march. A few days ago, the editor of Tomasz Sakiewicz announced that the demonstration will not. Reason? First wants to collect one million signatures for a petition on the reform of the judiciary. The problem is that even if it succeeds, it is at the current dynamics of the political dispute may be that another crisis erupt sooner. And then one million signatures and will not help. Teenager on Monday morning went for a mountain hike — his father drove him to the area of ​​Bielsko Wapienica and left at the final stop bus line. A few hours later, the boy called his father and said that he left the trail and got lost. Since that time, there was no contact with him. Young bielszczanina sought dozens of police officers, lifeguards Mountain Rescue, employees Forestry Bielsko rescue groups and members of volunteer fire brigades with a tracker dog. «Today in the afternoon in the area of ​​the Great Glade Mountain Rescue lifeguards in Jaworze they found missing. Unfortunately, the man is dead. Investigators determine the specific circumstances in which his death occurred. The prosecutor ordered the autopsy «- police said. Russia «does not agree» with the proposal of the United States — have informed diplomatic sources cited by the Reuters. Moscow intends to present two draft resolution on a new investigation of the chemical attack. One of them would «support sending investigators’ Organization. Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in the place where weapons were used chemicznej.zobacz probably also Macron and Trump considering retaliatory action in response to a chemical attack in Syria» To the resolution was passed need nine votes in the Security Council, it is necessary to the lack of any veto of the permanent members (China, France, Russia, Great Britain or the United States). On Monday, President Donald Trump announced that the US force-answer solution to chemical attack in Syria, which had carried out the Syrian government troops. Before deliberation with the highest US military command told reporters that «the United States have much military options,» and he will choose one of them. The Syrian army is placed in a state of high alert — said on Tuesday the Associated Press.zobacz also American destroyer near the Russian base in Syria »On Sunday, the organization Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) has accused the Syrian authorities of chemical attack carried out on Saturday evening at the hospital Duma east of Damascus, where he had killed at least 41 people. Syrian authorities have denied those accusations. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday that it is not able to confirm the information about the use of chemical weapons in the Duma. Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said that the Duma 11 people were killed as a result of suffocation from the smoke of conventional weapons, used by government forces. He added that 70 people had trouble breathing. Syrian rebel groups maintain, however, that the chemical attack killed more than 100 civilians. Last week, deputies in the Parliament PiS submitted a draft amendment to the Law on Prosecutor’s Office Law and some other acts. The project involves, among others, that the General Assembly of the Judges of the Supreme Court shall be elected President and represented the candidates for the President immediately after fill 2/3 of the number of positions of Supreme Court judges, and not — as now — only when they are filled almost all the positions. Member Ast, who works on the project will be represented by the applicants, in an interview with PAP pointed out that the proposed changes «will give a chance to as the quick selection of the President and the Supreme Court.» «The changes are intended to accelerate the selection procedure and the President of the Supreme Court by writing that at the time of filling stations 2/3 judges in the Supreme Court the General Assembly of the Supreme Court will be able to adopt a resolution to indicate the five candidates for the position of president and the Supreme Court, as well as this resolution to present to President» — he explained. Asta According to the current situation in the Supreme Court ‘imposes an acceleration of the procedure «. On the one hand — as rated — «we have the announcement filibuster the entire process of filling the composition of the Supreme Court,» on the other hand «operation and the president of the Supreme Court and statements of person discharging duties and the President of the Supreme Court Judge Joseph Iwulskiego bring confusion that it would be good to get as soon as possible finished. » MEP added, however, that staffing in the Supreme Court is «time-consuming and will probably take a few weeks.» On the account that the proposed draft amendment is another correction of the Law on the Supreme Court in the last six months, he said, that «this indicates that the legislator reacts». «Some of the changes stemmed from the fact that there were certain expectation of the European Commission, even though the issue of equalization of the age of the judges transition into retirement for men and women. But at the same time are the changes that result from the need of the moment» — wskazał.zobacz also: «I’m fighting for the state, the rule of law, constitutionality. » Malgorzata Gersdorf interrupted holiday and went back to work «project by including the PiS changes in the Law on the Prosecutor’s Office, the Law on the Supreme Court and the Law on the National Council of the Judiciary, was last week published on the website of the Sejm. As is clear from the schedule of the session the Parliament first reading of the draft is scheduled for Thursday morning. According to the explanatory memorandum to the project «essential objective of the amendments to the Law on the National Judicial Council and the Law on the Supreme Court is to streamline the proceedings conducted by the National Court in matters of appointment to the post of a judge, the judge in the Supreme Court.» As noted, the proposed changes are, inter alia to exclude the possibility of obstruction of proceedings pending before the National Court nomination to the Supreme Court.