About Underage girls trapped in Pakistan bride exchanges

About Underage girls trapped in Pakistan bride exchanges

By Kathy Gannon

JAMPUR, Pakistan — Mohammad Ramzan can neither hear nor talk, in which he has a mind that is childlike. But he knew his spouse, Saima, ended up being too young whenever she was handed to him as a bride.

The 36-year-old Ramzan smiles, desperate to please, as he utilizes his hands to count down her age if they married. One, two, three . . . until 13, after which he prevents and discusses her, points and nods several times.

The girl’s daddy, Wazir Ahmed, claims she ended up being 14, maybe maybe perhaps not 13, but her age was next to the point. It mattered just that she had reached puberty as he arranged her wedding being an trade: their child for Ramzan’s sis, whom he wished to just take as an additional spouse.

Wazir Ahmed, right, who married his underage daughter to a 36 year-old guy, sits together with spouses in Jampur, Pakistan, Dec. 21, 2016. Continue reading