Tickets for Obama’s Farewell Speech Being Sold for ThousandsThe

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pandora rings Tuesday right here.President Barack Obama will return to Chicago Tuesday for his farewell address at McCormick Place, and that could mean traffic troubles for some commuters.Tickets for Obama’s Farewell Speech Being Sold for ThousandsThe president is expected to arrive at O’Hare International Airport during the early evening hours but it remains unclear how he will be traveling to the event from there.He may take a helicopter and land near Soldier Field, though with a High Wind Warning in effect in the area that options is unlikely. If he does fly from O’Hare, he could then motorcade to McCormick Place, which would in turn cause rolling street closures in the area.This could cause even further delays in the area surrounding McCormick Place, which is currently under construction. The Illinois Department of Transportation is reconstructing the northbound Lake Shore Drive ramp to the outbound Stevenson Expressway.Obama could also motorcade to the event from the airport, which would also cause rolling street closures on whichever route he chooses to take, particularly on area expressways during the late afternoon rush.Watch LiveMichelle Obama Gives Final Remarks as First LadyThere’s also speculation he may go to dinner at a Hyde Park eatery before the event pandora rings.

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