Big Damn Heroes: Being an action story

He tries to keep his troops’ morale up, shares his loot fairly and keeps Penguin and Calendar Man locked up rather than killing them despite them being former enemies. Big Damn Heroes: Being an action story, this happens repeatedly throughout. More explanation here.

Pals with Jesus: Hamupip (the Hungarian version of Cinderella) is helped by God himself (rather than a fairy godmother) to attend Mass (instead of a royal ball) where she was forbidden to go by her Wicked Stepmother. Though their discovery of peanuts certainly turned them off of acorns in the short Working For Peanuts.

Eventually, Designer Replica Handbags the Captain is put in a position where he is threatening another officer with a gun to try to and get the launch codes. It’s not that Replica Handbags he Replica Stella McCartney bags doesn’t care; he does, deeply. David Duke as POTUS in a world where Replica Designer Handbags The Nazis win World War II and the US become their fascist satellite.

Forced Level Grinding: Once you’re in the present in Kaiba’s tournament, if you don’t take advantage of Free Duel to get new cards to strengthen your deck, Replica Hermes Handbags don’t expect to get far past Rex Raptor without significant luck, as your Replica Valentino Handbags starter deck will be far too underpowered to do much against the quickly Stella McCartney Replica bags escalating opponents.

Freudian Excuse: Subverted. If there’s a season 2, what other kind of case could bring Lindy back to the Cyber Crimes Valentino Replica Handbags Unit? In the closing moments of «A4U» Lindy gets to see some security camera footage of after her sister’s abduction. Hollywood Tone Deaf: Hermes Replica Handbags Both Replica Hermes Birkin of them sing during some of the videos.

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