Boss Game: One of the few 8 bit examples in this sub genre

Big Bad Friend: The final boss is Troy himself, who secretly implanted traces of the Cyboplasm into Ken’s body and then faked his death in order to test out Ken’s abilities. Boss Game: One of the few 8 bit examples in this sub genre. Canon Discontinuity: If this was ever canon to the Street Fighter games at any point, it isn’t anymore, or at the very least Capcom forgot about it. Continuing Is Painful: Ken can increase his shooting range by picking up power ups. Dying once will revert him back to his default range. Some of the power ups, namely the flip shield and option capsules, are also pretty hard to come by, as they only appear in certain stages. Damn You, Muscle Memory!: To shoot diagonally upwards, the player must press down while shooting rather than up left or up right like in most action shooters. Dolled Up Installment / Divorced Installment: While the NES version stars Ken as a cyborg 25 years after the events of the 1987 arcade game, the Famicom version makes no attempt to tie its story with the rest of the Street Fighter saga, and simply claims that the protagonist is a policeman named Kevin. It is unknown which of these two versions are closer to the developers’ original intention, as the Japanese manual has a screenshot of the Vs. screen with the name «Ken» (rather than Kevin) on it. Dub Name Change: Kevin to «Ken» and Dr. Jose to «Troy.» Early Installment Weirdness: Was released a year before Street Fighter II started the whole fighting game boom. In Name Only: Those expecting a futuristic competitive fighting game will be disappointed. Meaningless Lives: Continues are unlimited, and you restart the same stage no matter what. The game doesn’t even have a scoring system to reset when you run out of lives. Nintendo Hard: Having unlimited continues doesn’t make the game much easier. Unstable Equilibrium: You lose your upgrades when hit, so if you can manage a No Damage Run, Ken can abuse his screen clearing attacks and invincible backflips. Zeerust: Remember back in 2010 when our Earth was being populated by space aliens and mutants, people could travel to other planets by using inter dimensional warp gates? No? Neither do we.

For example, you might see a close up of a character’s face as he delivers a line, then a close up of a different character’s reaction as the same line is delivered off screen, then a wide shot including both characters to see how their body language plays. Or, in an action scene, you might see the same sequence repeated several times from different angles or perspectives. This is particularly popular with fight scenes and explosions, as the director tries to deliver the maximum visceral payoff to the audience or save money on special effects and choreography. This technique was overused in the late Eighties and early Nineties, when it seemed like everything exploded three times if it exploded at all. Now it tends to be used in parodies rather than serious works.

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