Shrouded in Mystery: The video for the unreleased song «Same

Oh, Crap!: A particularly good one is in the first episode of the OVA when Makoto walks in on Yura accidentally watching one of his videos, but both do get it in both anime and manga versions. Shrouded in Mystery: The video for the unreleased song «Same Old Madness», an extremely rare song from 1982, predating the release of With Sympathy by one whole year.

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Chainmail Bikini: Torrie Wilson’s outfit on the 2002 poster. Haku Replica Stella McCartney bags Y II: Matsuri Hayashi to Taishitachi (2012) Toki no Kizuna Sekigahara Kitan Replica Hermes Handbags (2012): A prequel Visual Novel set in the Sengoku period. Rex often does not listen to his superiors especially not to the head of Providence, White Knight..

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