The heroes first mistake Ben for Raymond

The Secret of Platform 13 is something of a Double Subversion. The heroes first mistake Ben for Raymond, and he, in turn, in disappointed to inform them that they’ve got the wrong boy. Of course, by the end, he turns out to be the missing prince anyway, while Raymond really was Mrs.

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Valentin replica MacGuffin: The Dragon Tooth. The PCs are sent to track it down and steal it to power Chronopolis in place of the weaker Dreamstone and before that, the stolen Frozen Flame, but other than being a power source and «Reptite artifact» it never really does anything. It’s even destroyed for a time, due to a temporal mishap, though this gets retconned off screen shortly after; the developers admit when they wrote the script for its destruction they had forgotten the reason the PCs went after it in the first place was to find a new power source for Chronopolis, and Hand Waved Agent 12 tracking it down and saving it from destruction off panel Valentin replica.

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