Replace essential sugars at the tiled cafe cum ice cream

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) Longview Police want people of all ages to know about emergency responders and their procedures, and they host youth camps to serve just that purpose. The Pine Tree Safety Heroes Academy for grades 2 5 gives kids an introduction.It not every day you see a low flying helicopter, and seeing Christus Trinity Mother Frances Flight for Life land in a nearby parking lot is probably an even rarer occasion.But getting to talk to emergency responders who ride in it, like RN Bryan Winchell, is a real treat for the elementary aged.came out to talk to these kids about the helicopter and about safety around the helicopter, what they might see if they were ever sick or a loved one got sick so that they wouldn be scared if they had to get in a helicopter and fly to a children hospital. Winchell said.In fact, they loaded up one of the kids on a gurney and several helped buckle her in.

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