The Cameo: In The Stinger for Part 18 of Yoshi’s Island

Call Back: At the end of the first episode of Wario Land, a Red Coin Fly Guy appears, followed by Wario with his Jet hat gleefully chasing it. The Cameo: In The Stinger for Part 18 of Yoshi’s Island, Mega Baby Bowser is seen zooming up to the camera with his mouth open. then the Attack Kitty from Aria of Sorrow appears in his mouth, which is then chased off by Yoshi while accompanied by a sound byte of Jon shouting «You’re not even in this game!». Canada, Eh?: He hails from the Great White North, and therefore draws out his «a»s and «o»s, and pronounces «z» as «zed», which occasionally results in ribbing from his American peers. It’s worth noting, though, that Jon was born and raised in Newfoundland, home to perhaps the most inscrutable dialect in the English language, but he doesn’t really talk like that at all. In the Battletoads race, the other three racers got two achievements for dying 100 and 200 times, «All About The Benjamins» and «The Franklin Twins,» in reference to American bills. Jon’s two achievements, on the other hand, were «All About The Bordens» and «The Borden Twins.» Casual Danger Dialog: In part 26 of Resident Evil 5, overlapping a bit with Dull Surprise: Jon: (after the giant Uroboros boss forms itself) Jake?

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Hermes Replica Bags He heavily dislikes people that send him ROM hacks with level designs that have a Game Breaking Bug that prevents him from progressing, forcing him to edit the level himself to fix it. Protonjon also gets upset when people copy and paste the original Super Mario World level designs into their ROM hacks, citing this as lazy. People demanding new uploads for the Superman 64 LP also triggers this. While people have made cracks at Jon for his upload schedule for a while, Superman 64 has run into several snags and some time ago Jon ran into technical issues that have prevented new videos from happening. He’s made a Facebook post about it, has mentioned it in the description of every video he’s put out since the problem came up and brings it up often in his livestreams, but people keep asking him. In he talked at length at his frustration about the comments and the situation in general. In Yoshi’s Island, the Red Coin Fly Guys anger him to no end, as they only appear for a few seconds before flying away and never coming back, forcing Jon to restart the stage (or commit suicide to return to a mid stage checkpoint) for another chance at grabbing the Coin and getting 100% Completion. From the same LP, Bandits. Especially the ones hidden in the background. As of mid 2017, backseat gaming has become a huge one on his livestreams, primarily due to the large amounts of hostility backseaters tend to display, to the point where it could easily qualify as cyberbullying. He’s cut games short more than once because of excessive backseaters, and has even considered banning multiple legitimately good games simply because of the amount of backseating he’s gotten while playing them. Whenever he plays a game blind, you’re guaranteed to hear lots of these. «My calling card: saying the word ‘what’ in a very high pitch!» when he hears that Bomberman: Act Zero is the 15th most played game on Twitch. WHAT. WHAT. That can happen Hermes Replica Bags.

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