In other words, guns way, way, waaaaaaaay too powerful to

It will remove all jump drives from space stations (making so only Kha’ak and Superdestroyer ships can jump), removes anything larger than a fighter from shipyards (forcing you to rely on luck, then eventually boarding to capture corvettes and capital ships), and removes all Salvage Insurance from the game (forcing you to save at space stations). It also massively increases the firepower, speed, and number of enemy ships. Hard Mode Perks: Enabling the «Hard» or «XTREME» difficulty in Xtended makes the game much more brutal by making enemies much more powerful. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques: «US Denies Prisoner Torture, Allegations Of Forced Listening To Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black» Even the Rats Won’t Touch It: «New MRE literally just bag of shit», Marines still prefer it to the Veggie Omelet MRE. Face Heel Turn: «Afghan Army Soldier Attacks US Troops, Fails Miserably» «Afghan Soldier Accidentally Shoots Taliban He Mistook For US Marine» Fun with Acronyms: «DoD Unveils New Troop Leading Steps For Military, ‘RIMJOBS’ To Streamline Mission Planning» Have I Mentioned I am Gay?: «Nobody Asks, Soldier Still Tells About His New Boyfriend» Human Sacrifice: «Navy Chief Indoctrination Culminates In Human Sacrifice» Interservice Rivalry: «Tired Of Chair Force Nickname, Air Force Colonel Bans Chairs» «‘Everyone Poops’ Added To Commandant’s Professional Reading List» «Marine Corps Marathon Spawns Less Successful Marine Corps Spelling Bee» «Army Study Finds Marines’ Tun Tavern Was Actually a Gay Bar» Irony: «Bitter Irony For Coast Guard, Seaman Apprentice Arrested For Piracy» Just Here for Godzilla: In Universe, «Veteran Company Debuts Line Of Pro 3rd Amendment T Shirts», lampooning the tendency of servicemembers to vocally defend the 1st and 2nd Amendments but ignore other aspects of the Constitution. Memetic Badass: General James Mattis of the Marine Corps is shaping up to be one In Universe.

Most of the guns he comes up with can easily be described as being about «misapplied force». In other words, guns way, way, waaaaaaaay too powerful to justify use on a person. The most (in)famous example is likely the Graviton Beam Emitter, a weapon about the size of your average Glock. Book Ends: The movie begins and ends with Mr. Cherrywood, telling the story of Nicholas, Jason, and Kim to the children in the group home he runs with his wife. Care Bear Stare: Although it’s used to stop a monster, even that isn’t enough to save the day. The show did alright for Nickelodeon, but apparently not up to the standards set by some of the bigger live action shows on the network. Adults Are Useless: Averted, two of the adult characters, Mr. Madigan and Oscar, are actually treated with some modicum of respect and usefulness.

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