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I accept we can make sweeping changes overnight, we need an adjustement period, but I don think we have to move as slowly along the path they followed given the success of their nations at the moment.To make an analogy the Scandinavians have come up with a great recipe for an economy, and it requires marination, but it a lot easier and quicker to follow a recipe than to work to create one. I not saying we should copy them 100%, we can throw a little spice in the mix, but the recipe works and it a lot nicer than the shit sandwich we being served at the moment.18 year olds on the whole do not have the same work experience as a 25 year old, they often don have the same living expenses as they live at home (or are a student) and for the most part never need to support another person.If you are a a manager and have the choice between a 25 year old who has 4 years of experience working in bars and restaurants and is far less likely to be missing shifts because they need the money as opposed to an 18 year old who has never worked in a bar or restaurant in his life, wants you to fit his schedule around his university and doesn want to work Saturdays because he likes going out.Which one do you hire when they both earn the same amount?As a card carrying pleb who walks and takes public transport, if you live in a city as the majority of people do then you don need a car it just a luxury. If our public transport were better funded and run it would be much more competitive when compared to owning a vehicle.

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