They had a long standing culture of seaborn warfare and had

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And look at what you writing, you claiming that she couldn have fought in battle because she would have died. That is complete nonsense. We KNOW that she did fight in battle and moncler outlet online uomo she did almost die. I mean come on, her very capture by the Burgundians that eventually led to her death was FOLLOWING a battle when she was shut out of the gates of Compiegne.The fact that you accuse me of moncler uomo just a moncler saldi uomo movie when you don seem to know any of the details of her military campaigns is just a stunning lack of self awareness. The entire moncler saldi point of why Joan of Arc is a remarkable historical figure, nevermind a remarkable piumini moncler uomo woman, is that she came from a background of obscurity and ended up giving counsel to the King of France and led men in battle.EDIT: Oh wow, I see piumini moncler scontatissimi that you outlet moncler ninja edited one of your comments with a reference to Richie book on Joan of Arc. Do you realize that the thesis of The Warrior Saint directly refutes what you trying to claim?Frederickbolton 2 points submitted 1 day agoAnd you can even read properly my previous comment, so I just repeat myself for you:ny source is Joan of Arc by Stephen Richey, he discusses many myths surrounding this historical figure, no she didn «fight» nor killed anyone, she was some kind of stendard bearer of sort, she possessed a sword according to her, moncler donna but it moncler saldi outlet high unlikely she ever used it, she surely moncler outlet serravalle didn prepare ANY battle plan because was unable to, and if asked about a plan she would just propose to keep an aggressive stances and piumini moncler saldi that all she didn advice anything other generals couldn advice so it highly unlikely she did, do your own checking and then come back here.UCouldntPossibly 1 point submitted 1 day agoRichey book does not say what you are claiming; it says the opposite. He most definitely asserts that she was a military commander, not just a symbol, that she fought on the front lines, and that she was wounded moncler outlet trebaseleghe in battle. He dedicates an entire chapter to describing her military accomplishments and argues that she had a full grasp of the principles of warfare, including moncler bambino saldi an uncanny grasp of the use of siege weaponry. He even decries the portrayal of Joan in the movies you accused me of relying on (of which I have seen zero).Curziomalaparte 2 points submitted 5 days agoQuesta una premessa: ti piumini moncler sto chiedendo dati relativi a «Le persone che fuggono da una situazione di guerra non vengono rispedite a casa,»I dati che ho trovato fotografano una situazione assai differentePer esempio a pagina 32, nella tabella relativa al 1990, si vede come delle moncler outlet online shop 201 richieste da parte di Etiopi, ne siano state accolte 58. E gli altri 143? Non scappavano dalla guerra civile moncler outlet iniziata nel 74? Si sono fatti 5 10mila chilometri cos, per sport?A pagina 41, relativa all 99, si vede che delle 22 richieste dalla Sierra Leone ne sono state piumini moncler outlet rifiutate 17. Ma non era in corso da 8 check here https://www.moncleroutlet-i.org moncler outlet anni una guerra civile che ha causato tra i 50 e i 300mila morti (su una popolazione di 4 milioni)? Quei 17 in realt stavano benissimo l dove vivevano e volevano farci uno scherzone?Luurox 6 points submitted 5 days agoRamming ships into other ships was the bulk of naval warfare for a long time, archers and boarding. In some cases they mount ballistae or similar devices on the ships, as well. Prior and during the Punic wars Carthage was a major naval moncler bambino outlet power being primarily reliant on naval commerce, but the Phoenician culture was always been a seafaring one. They had a long standing culture of seaborn warfare and had many capable sailors and captains as a result. The Romans were COMPLETELY new to the concept of naval warfare, so much so that they didn even have a navy at the start of the conflict. But they were better on land so they developed a very simple but effective tactic in their war against Carthage on the seas they simply made rotateable bridges at the bow of their ships that could hook onto the enemy ship and allow the Romans to simply walk over to them.

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