Blumberg gives the example of setting up a charity devoted to

With PACs, as with Canadian charities, there are no limits on the amount of donations, and unions and corporations as well as individuals can contribute.Toronto lawyer Mark Blumberg, an expert in not for profit and charity law, told HuffPost the possibility is not far fetched that registered charities could be used to accomplish political goals.»When you look at what happened canada goose outlet new york city in America, when you allow people to give money to organizations and you say that those organizations should be allowed to have freedom of speech just like individual should have, you may think of it as a freedom of speech but it is not a freedom of speech issue,» he said. «It is ultimately about giving tax deductible money, where certain people who have very strong feelings about certain niche issues can spend unlimited amounts of money on it.»While charities, such as the Fraser Institute and the Centre for Policy Alternatives, will still be barred from pure partisan activity, it’s not difficult to see how a charity’s political activity could help boost or harm a favoured or despised political entity.Blumberg gives the example of setting up a charity devoted to advocating economic freedom in Canada.»Say, I’m against there being a minimum wage, all that sort of stuff. In the end, I can say everything I canada goose factory outlet want to say and mirror the Conservative party’s agenda without ever actually saying anything about the Conservative party.

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