I don’t mean, like, gardening shears

Replica Hermes uk We saw women cutting grass beside the road with scissors. I don’t mean, like, gardening shears. I mean scissors. Since it easier rewards should be toned down a bit, but again making sure it still a viable and worth content to do.It not easy to balance all that, but it should definitely be possible!J_HemphillThe Ministry of Love 4 points submitted 4 days agoYou not going to be able to pull off the MWD trick with an undersized MWD. You counting on the MWD increasing your speed by five times while your cloak reduces it by four times, so that by the time you cycle down and decloak you traveling fast enough to instantly enter warp when you mash that butan.I not sure that any T1 industrial is capable of pulling off the MWD trick I believe that more of a DST thing although if I wrong I sure someone will correct me.That said, you picked the T1 industrial with the best align time. It easily be caught by a gatecamp (which you say doesn exist) but may be nimble enough to get away from casuals, especially with the help of the gate guns.While a T2 industrial is needed to reliably haul through lowsec, I think the biggest advantage you can give yourself right now is an alt or buddy to scout the lowsec side before you jump through. Replica Hermes uk

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