there’s been questions that are many the handbook about presenting a couple of guinea pigs

there’s been questions that are many the handbook about presenting a couple of guinea pigs

That are the male/female cavy that is best fits for best-buddy experience, and which matches could bring the absolute most dilemmas in their social lives. I really hope this informative article will makes things simple them live happy together for you to decide on your guinea pigs’ social lives and make.

1. Why do you want more than one guinea pig?

Because guinea pigs have become social pets, it will always be recommended which they reside with one or more another cage mate. Having just one single guinea pig makes his/her life lonely, regardless of how long you may spend because you are not (presumably, as you are reading this) of a cavy species, but human – which just doesn’t cut it with him or her. We don’t talk their language, they trying to say to us although we can mostly understand what are.

Solo guinea pig could get lonely, less wondering, less vocal, less active, less funny. It isn’t normal in order for them to live without having any other of the kind.

Whenever residing together, guinea pigs would communicate together, play and run around more, follow and groom one another, and perhaps also rest cuddled up together.

Whenever selecting cage mates, it will always be better to have a similar gender, or various gender but neutered – since there are a lot of abandoned guinea pigs in neighborhood pet shelters, and breeding is usually not recommended, as you can save your self the people through the shelters. This, needless to say, very relies on your geographic location and guinea pig populace.

2. Fancy terms

  • Boar: Male guinea pig.
  • Sow: Feminine guinea pig.
  • Sexing guinea pigs: Determining if your guinea pig is just a boar or perhaps a sow.
  • Neutering: an over-all term utilized to explain the castration of a animal that is male. It is comprised of eliminating the testicles.
  • Spaying: a broad term utilized to explain the ovariohysterectomy of the sow. It comes with a reduction of a sow’s pornhub reproductive organ – either the whole thing or even a significantly big component. It really is a extreme and complicated procedure that is surgical.

Both neutering and spaying are medical procedures that give the pet not capable of reproducing. A veterinarian performs them. They’re mostly done because of the overpopulation of animal shelters – it is far better to save lots of the ones which occur then to reproduce ones that are new.

If having an option, always neuter your guinea that is male pig. The procedure is more complicated for feminine guinea pigs. Constantly consult your guinea pig veterinarian first.

3. Preparations before presenting newbies

  1. You have to be 100% certain that the sex is known by you of the guinea pigs. There are great pages for this, like about this link. If you’re nevertheless uncertain in regards to the sex, pose a question to your veterinarian. Don’t depend on the given information provided to you because of the animal store workers.
  2. Prepare a sizable sufficient cage – you will find the minimal recommended dimensions from the guinea pig cages web page.
  3. If having two men, prepare separate hiding places and meals bowls, so every one may have “his very own stuff”.
  4. The cage and all sorts of the cage accessories should always be washed making use of vinegar, to eliminate all past scents. Rearranging the cage inside can also be recommended to eliminate the prevailing touch” that is“personal.
  5. Wash your guinea pigs to hide their natural somewhat fragrance. One great tip from Jackie’s Guinea Piggies is to rub the hay through the current guinea pigs cage regarding the comer that is new. By doing this the newbie would smell like a somewhat member regarding the herd.
  6. Quarantine duration for the brand new guinea pig. Your new guinea pig could carry some ailments which may incubate for some time, and distribute among your current cavies. Consequently, it is vital to quarantine your guinea that is new pig at minimum a couple of weeks, therefore prospective diseases would show with time to stop epidemic. Maintain the newcomer from your recurring guinea pigs, and always clean your hand after managing the newcomer.

4. Guinea pig matches

The guinea that is following matches are bought from easiest to possibly problematic.

  1. Two child guinea pigs
  2. Baby guinea pig and a mature guinea pig for the exact same sex
  3. Neutered male and something or even more females
  4. Two females. It’s possible which they will never go along – will depend on their characters
  5. Two men could reside in harmony, but that is dependent on a case that is specific again, regarding the character associated with the guinea pigs under consideration

5. Introductions rules and recommendations

  1. Whenever presenting guinea that is new, never place your brand brand new guinea pig straight within the cage where your old guinea pig has already been residing.
  2. Their first conference is done in the big, enclosed “neutral ground” – somewhere away from cage, in a place this is certainly a new comer to both guinea pigs, like a specific area of the home or your bathroom.
  3. Put a heap of hay and treats (vegetables) in to the center of this area.
  4. Put your entire guinea pigs to the area.
  5. Prepare some towels, just in case they begin to get actually aggressive.
  6. Observe they behaviour: ignoring each other is normal. Then, all of this might happen: mounting the other person, teeth chattering, chasing around, purring associated with swaggering walk, etc. it’s a thing that is natural them – developing hierarchy, who’s the employer, who’s the friendly neighbor and whom does not care. This might simply take about a full hour; after that, you really need to nevertheless observe them for the next handful of hours.
  7. Following the period that is observingabout 3 hours alltogether) they need to appear confident with one another. They can be placed by you in the cage together.
  8. Observe their behaviour into the cage for another time frame, simply to be certain these are typically okay.
  9. When they don’t appear to get on after their time together committed from the basic ground, read further. You will need to throw a towel at the aggressive one and separate one from another if they start to get physically aggressive and fight.

6. Imagine if they don’t get on?

It will be possible that the guinea pigs won’t go along, regardless of what you are doing and exactly how very very very carefully you have got see the directions with this page that is manual. Don’t be alarmed or disheartened nature that is works in this manner.

Should this happen, you will have to have them divided for some reason. The smartest thing to complete is to have them close sufficient so they really could see, smell and keep in touch with one another, but they are divided with a few sorts of a partition. They’re nevertheless social, and achieving another guinea pig within their vicinity could be a deal that is great them.