However, there’s also a final image after the credits that

She’s not smaller than all taller opposition. However, there’s also a final image after the credits that full on reveals that Kenichi was somehow able to rebuild Tima, and they’ve opened their own robot company together. As she hides, terrified and alone, in her house, she receives a message from her friend, apologizing for thinking she was cheating and admitting that she was just really jealous because her friend made everything look effortless while she herself had to study all day.

Fighting from the Inside: The hourly switch to Democracy mode is sometimes interpreted as AJ temporarily taking back control. Imaginary Friend: Howie gets hit on the head and reunites with a Hermes Replica Handbags childhood imaginary friend named Platymoose. A good chunk of suffering and death in the Marvel Universe is due to Replica Valentino Handbags Thanos madly trying to earn Death’s favor by killing people.

Precision F Strike: With literal precision, given that this happened in the Democracy activated Victory Road. Brick Joke: A lot, but their short Waiting for the Bus is probably their best example. Replica Designer Handbags «Last Designer Replica Handbags Kiss of Valentino Replica Handbags Summer»: after Replica Stella McCartney bags finding out that Joe is attempting a reckless sting on a Stella McCartney Replica bags pair of ruthless thieves who have already killed two people, Fenton tries to Replica Hermes Birkin order Replica Handbags his son to stop, to the Replica Hermes Handbags point of trumping up charges so the feds will pick Joe up, as Fenton is scared that Joe will be killed, too.

Curiously though, most written text in the show is actually in Esperanto.. Cowboy Cop: Charlie again, sort of. Continuation: There are also the Continuation fics written before the series has finished, which are rendered AU when new episodes in canon contradict the events of the fic.

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