Since the games all have Multiple Endings

Lowest Cosmic Denominator: Averted. It also doesn’t matter if the characters are played by an actor of another gender (as in many Theater productions): what matters is that the characters are all of one gender.. The whalers are Asteroid Miners, the harpoons are nuclear warheads, the kraken is a dwarf star, and Moby Dick is a (possibly) sentient comet.

Mood Whiplash: Things between Christy and Richmond very suddenly go from kinky and playful to downright terrifying and cringe Stella McCartney Replica bags inducing. Caught in the Bad Part of Town: The hero has obtained Replica Stella McCartney bags evidence of war crimes before being shot down over hostile territory.

Oenone Zero. Since the games all have Multiple Endings, the good guys usually win. What the Hell, Hero?: Usually when Wolf lost his temper. Attack of the 50 Foot Whatever: Menace, the boss of the third chapter, Valentino Replica Handbags and Beelzebub, boss of the ninth chapter.

A mysterious masked man Replica Hermes Birkin with distinctive blond hair, he was an Ace Pilot called the Red Comet with a penchant for piloting Ace Custom mecha painted red (which was said to be three times faster than its mundane counterpart, despite the only visual difference being its color). Replica Valentino Handbags

A Space Marine Is You: Hits Designer Replica Handbags most of the checklist except, of course, the «Space» bit, Replica Hermes Handbags until you get into space in Crysis 3 to fire a Kill Sat. For instance although Ingmar Bergman is regarded as an «arty» director, in his lifetime Replica Handbags his films Hermes Replica Handbags were consistent box office hits as were some of Federico Fellini’s and Akira Replica Designer Handbags Kurosawa’s films along with films from Franois Truffaut, Jean Luc Godard, etc.

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