«The Blister Exists», «Left Behind», «Duality», «Before I

Animated Music Video: One of the two versions of «Wait and Bleed», in a stop. The Cameo: Malcolm McDowell as the desk clerk in «Snuff». Crossdresser: The Reveal in «Snuff» Taylor’s character is dressed like his former lover. Forced Perspective: The video for «Dead Memories» uses this to make the already huge Thomson Hagrid sized against Taylor. Journey to the Center of the Mind: One possible interpretation of the video for «Dead Memories»; it could also be a Disney Acid Sequence, but with less Disney and more acid. Peaceful in Death: The insane woman from the «Vermilion» video is shown sleeping peacefully in a field in the «Vermilion, Part 2» video until she begins floating and her eyes reveal that she’s dead, finally free from her miserable life. Performance Video: The live version of «Wait and Bleed» and the live scenes in «Spit It Out» use concert footage. «The Blister Exists», «Left Behind», «Duality», «Before I Forget», «Psychosocial», and «Sulfur» are more traditional «band plays the song while other stuff’s happening» videos. Shout Out: The «Spit It Out» video has the band members recreate several scenes from The Shining, intermixed with the live footage. Trash the Set: «Duality» has the band playing the song to a few dozen fans who seriously vandalize the house they’re all in. The house belonged to a fan and needed drastic remodeling anyway, so they were allowed to be as aggressive with it as possible. They ended up doing even more damage than was expected, forcing the label to pay compensation. The Unreveal: «Before I Forget»; the band is in street clothes and unmasked, but you never see their full faces, be it due to close ups or being blurred by not being the focus of the shot.

Two years after the release of Rock Band 2, the third game http://zoeticx.com/when-your-toddler-knows-what-is-coming/, Rock Band 3, was released in October 2010, with a great deal of new features. The game introduces an all new keyboard controller, with its own note charts for the 60+ songs that have a real life keyboard (or substitute) part. Also new is the «Pro» guitar mode with two new controllers: the Fender Mustang controller to simulate a six string with a fret board of over a hundred buttons, and another one that is a six string Fender Squier that can be used both in and out of the game. The Pro Drum mode forces players to hit cymbals appropriately, and the Pro Keyboard mode uses all 25 keys on the new peripheral. A MIDI to game adapter is available that allows certain real life e drums and keyboards to hook into the game. The pro guitar is also made to an open standard, so third party instruments such as the You Rock Midi Guitar work with the game as well. Harmony support like in the Beatles and Green Day games is also present, as well as a much improved drop in\drop out system, similar to the Party Mode in Guitar Hero 5 which allows players to drop in and drop out any time, even in the middle of a song. The game allows up to seven players to play at once, provided one has all seven controllers (two guitars, a set of drums, a keyboard, and three microphones). This time there are 83 songs, which all have guitar, pro guitar, bass, pro bass, (pro) drums, keys, pro keys, and up to three vocals charts except in cases where the appropriate instrument doesn’t exist in the original song. Previous DLC songs work in Rock Band 3 with their original (guitar, bass, drums, and vocals) tracks, plus pro drums which were always charted but weren’t used, while new DLC songs have all the new features except pro guitar and pro bass charts, which can be bought together on select songs for an extra dollar.

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