Remember the environmentalists telling us that corn based

Since my last post, I used the remaining fabric from Lemonianta vintage apron to make myself a new bag. It is lined with plain white cotton. I didn use a pattern, just made it up as I went along, and I very pleased with it. And we have the craziness of subsidized bio fuels in the US.Corn and soybean prices continue to rise because of the demand for ethanol.Thirty million American farm acres will be used for ethanol production this year, subsidized by tax payers and consuming almost 1/3rd of the US corn crop, less than 3% of like it our petroleum consumption, and making greenhouse gas emissions worse.Did you know that to make one gallon of ethanol requires the use of 1700 gallons of water and expends about a half dollar in tax credits?Farmers are so keen to climb on the King Ethanol bandwagon, driven by environmentalists and politicians, they are encouraged to cut down forests and clear wilderness to create new croplands.Remember the environmentalists telling us that corn based ethanol will cut back on greenhouse gas? That was totally untrue.Just the opposite is true. The Wall St Journal reports that corn based ethanol will nearly double greenhouse gas emissions over 30 years.The fact is that turning crops into fuel moncler outlet drives up the price of food and increases atmospheric carbon dioxide.Time magazine, on the other side for so long in practically all they report, in their recent cover story, «The Clean Energy Myth» said just that.Gee, said the Wall St. Journal, if Time feels that way can that other superficial and politically irresponsible rag Vanity Fair be far behind? The adjectives are mine, not theirs..

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