He reacts by locking the doors of the van

5) As in all cults, emersion into the inner circles of Al Qaeda takes place away from the polluting influences of degenerate society. This make be in country retreats or camps, where all day for weeks and months http://www.polyvida.com/for-the-past-four-hundred-years/, they are subjected to the repetitious and hypnotic recital of prayers, texts, lectures, images, etc. These are classical methods of mind control, brainwashing techniques, often supplemented with personal deprivation and physical regimes aimed at breaking down the person’s psychological defenses. Then they can be detoxified and cleansed of any remnants of the old soiled and contaminated personality. The shell, which is left, can then be filled with the new group «cult personality». For Al Qaeda, the Pakistani maddrasess serve in part in preparation of this process by pre indoctrinating new child followers, who are then put through military and terrorist training. Afterwards, they attend cells where they meet and psychological control, indoctrination and monitoring of behavior and tasks is maintained.

Gromit gets a big one when he realises that Wallace is the Were Rabbit upon following reversed Human to Werewolf Footprints leading to Wallace’s bedroom and seeing a pile of half eaten vegetables inside. Gromit when Wallace begins to turn into the Were Rabbit. He reacts by locking the doors of the van. Wallace near the end when the doorbell rings and, knowing he can’t answer the door because of his rabbit ears, sees Hutch heading to the front door to answer it. Wallace gets two more in quick succession when Lady Tottington arrives on his doorstep. The first comes when she tells him Victor will shoot the Were Rabbit (which is actually him, but she doesn’t know this), accentuated by a zoom into his shocked face. The second comes seconds later when he starts transforming into the Were Rabbit in front of her, as the moon appears from behind a cloud. Gromit when Victor arrives at the house to kill the Were Rabbit after Lady Tottington leaves. Philip gets one during the plane fight with Gromit when Gromit opens the plane’s bomb doors and Philip realises he’s about to drop. Later, Gromit and the Were Rabbit get this in succession after they high five each other. Gromit discovering he accidentally let go of the rope he was holding onto during the aforementioned high five, followed by the Were Rabbit very quickly realizing his mistake and what’s about to happen to Gromit next. The Were Rabbit emits a Loud Gulp as Victor Quartermaine takes aim at him during the final fight scene. Only Sane Man: Gromit; it turns out that Wallace is fairly typical of the villagers’ level of common sense. Lampshaded in the church scene:Lord Victor Quartermaine: How on earth would those tiny minded buffoons ever catch such a big rabbit.

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