The Gray King’s idea of revenge is to not just kill Barsavi

However, due to him being a mere child, his mother Sharra rules in his stead, as Queen Regent. Years before the story, when she was only fifteen, Kyra Greyjoy commanded a force of grown men on their raid to Bear Island, where she fought against Worland Mormont, the Lord of Bear Island and renowned warrior.

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Replica bags Well, at least, that’s what they say. The Gray King also falls under this trope. Capa Barsavi murdered his parents and half of his siblings, over a disagreement about the Secret Peace that protected the city’s nobles from thievery. The Gray King’s idea of revenge is to not just kill Barsavi and his entire family, but to give all the noble families (including their children, born years after his family was killed) who benefited from Barsavi’s Secret Peace a Fate Worse Than Death. Replica bags

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