The fact that they made the main villain a secondary

Janeway: Something tells me that’s not what Tuvok has in mind. They both die. New Meat: Novice Rafin, who has never killed anyone and has «the trembles» at the thought of confronting the Nemesis. Nicknaming the Enemy: The Nemesis. Also referred to as «Krady beasts.» Not Quite Dead: The Kradin bomb the Larhana settlement, force marching away the survivors as slave labor, and send off Penno and Karya to be executed. Tuvok takes Chakotay back to the settlement to find it restored and everyone still alive. He receives the exact same greeting from Penno and Karya as before. Off the Shelf FX: The Kradin look suspiciously similar to Yautja. Pistol Whip: Chakotay yells at one of the Kraydin about Karya’s ailing grandfather and gets a rifle to the face. Propaganda Machine: Chakotay thinks the stories of the Krady beasts are due to this. He doesn’t realise that he’s actually experiencing the process himself. Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil / Mars Needs Women: The Kradin are said to «make playthings of our sisters». Rousing Speech: Brone gives one after the Seventh Contingent is found massacred and their bodies desecrated. Sighted Guns Are Low Tech: When Rafin is showing Chakotay how to use their weapons, they both aim the rifle when shooting at targets. After Rafin gives a badass speech, he then shoots several targets without using the sights. Son of a Whore: The Defenders refer to the Kradin as «motherless beasts». Strange Syntax Speaker: The Defenders have a Chaucer like dialogue. Whether this is due to translation issues, or something to do with the brainwashing process, is not revealed, but Chakotay is shown talking the same way as the brainwashing takes effect. Teach Him Anger: Brone does this to novice soldiers, but the actual target is Chakotay. The Unreveal: We don’t know if the Kradin really are the good guys, as both sides accuse each other of the same atrocities. Seeing as the Kradins actually help Voyager out without strings attached and their enemies basically brainwash random strangers to fight and die for them we can easily call the Kradins the good guys in the scenario. Wham Shot: The friendly ambassador who’s been informing Janeway about their Nemesis beams aboard, and he’s a Kradin.

Beast is widely considered by fans to be a huge improvement over Stream, but the sequel Beast+, the last series of the anime, is unfortunately this, as well as Post Script Season. While the first series, Axess, Stream, and Beast adapt the main series games, Beast+ attempts to adapt all of the spinoff material, such as Network Transmission and the cell phone games, but it is sloppily done, thanks to poor writing and pacing. The length of each episode was also reduced to ten minutes and the time slot was changed to give it a shared spot with another anime. Worst off, while each of the previous series had endings to their arcs, Beast+ just ends. The fact that they made the main villain a secondary character’s Superpowered Evil Side with a ridiculous agenda didn’t help matters any. It is quite telling that when 4Kids Entertainment chose not to touch this season in their dub, many fans weren’t upset because that made it even easier to pretend it doesn’t exist. Some may even call it one of the dub’s saving graces.

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