Madness Mantra: Peridot seems to have recorded the phrase

Full translation here. Bright Castle: Soria Moria. Cool Sword: The princesses give him one to kill the troll with. Damsel in Distress: All three princesses Earn Your Happy Ending: A long quest to get back. Everything’s Better with Princesses: All three damsels are princesses. Our Trolls Are Different: They have three, or six, or nine heads. The Quest: To return to his wife. Rescue Romance: They even offer to let him choose which rescuee he will marry. Ring of Power: It can let him go and return and bring her. Rule of Three: The three princess, the three trolls with heads in multiples of three. Standard Hero Reward: Halvor gets it. Textile Work Is Feminine: The princesses are spinning when he finds them. Youngest Child Wins: He marries the youngest

Replica Designer Handbags The chicken gets his revenge on the Mad Scientist in the new theme song. Assimilation Backfire: The Borg attempt to assimilate Captain Jake of the Enterprise night crew, but his beer filled blood and love of partying instead corrupt the collective. Joe shorts. A soldier hits three perfect shots, two to the center body, and the third to the head. The Joe was shocked by the shooting, saying, «If you shoot like that, your enemy could end up dead!.» It later bites the Joe in the ass when a suicide bomber isn’t scared off with the missed bullets. Atomic F Bomb: Palpatine closes out the third Star Wars special with a bleeped out Slow «NO!» version of one of these: Palpatine: Well, if you want some final words of wisdom, here it is. (Turns to the camera while Flipping the Bird as the second Death Star explodes) Fuuuck yooouuuu!’ Replica Designer Handbags

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Goofy Print Underwear: Peridot puts on white boxers with green aliens. How We Got Here: The episode starts with the title’s log number. Steven uses Peridot’s four recorded diary entries to find out how she managed to become friends with Garnet, showing each one of those days go by until the present time. Lame Pun Reaction: In one of the logs, Amethyst shapeshifts into Lion and explains she’s trying to «Lion the mood». Peridot looks confused while Pearl covers her face with her welding mask. Later, when Amethyst is running around as a chicken, Pearl quips that «at least she isn’t Lion around any more», and Peridot feigns laughter. Love Bubbles: Peridot discovers a pair of shorts and shiny bubbles cover the screen when we zoom in on them. Love Chart: Peridot makes a relationship diagram of the characters on the camping show Steven shows her, claiming it shows why Pierre and Percy make the best pairing. Madness Mantra: Peridot seems to have recorded the phrase «traitorous clod» in order to repeat it over and over to herself. The Milky Way Is the Only Way: Averted. Garnet mentions that they can see Homeworld’s galaxy, meaning that the Gems are not just an interstellar race, but intergalactic. Mood Swinger: Peridot goes through an emotional rollercoaster, starting with the completely straight face she always makes with beginning a log entry to a My God, What Have I Done?, passing through Laughing Mad, several Freak Outs and Sanity Slippage. Steven: Uh, Peridot? Are you gonna be okay Replica Stella McCartney Handbags.

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