Depending on customers’ demographics and preferences

Strategic Business Analysis Report

Economic and political turmoil in EU and other Cobra’s key markets around the world, such as the United States and India, will have a significant cheap jordans on sale impact on the beer industry.

cheap retro jordans size 9 The political uncertainties from certain events such as the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU (Brexit) pose some threats to the beer industry in general and to Cobra’ customer base. cheap retro jordans size 9

In 2016, the market for beer in Europe increased at a compound annual growth rate of 1.49%, and the volume of beer consumed grew at a compound annual growth rate of 1.98%. Over the period of 2016 202, the European beer market was forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 1.98% in terms of volume.

cheap jordans women’s shoes Major free trade agreements have been reached between the EU and other countries such as South Korea, Vietnam make it easier for exporting into these markets. In cheap Air max shoes the UK, drinking beer is an integral part of social life. Europe is the second largest beer producer in the world. cheap jordans women’s shoes

cheap jordans ireland Baby Boomer generation retires; Generation X and the Millennials take Baby Boomer’s place. cheap jordans ireland

where to get cheap jordans online There is a movement towards low/zero calorie beer and low/ non alcoholic beer, especially to serve the market niche of female customers. where to get cheap jordans online

There is a heightened warning against the consumption of alcohol due to religious, cheap adidas and health and safety reasons.

New technologies are developed to change the beer making process, alter the chemistry, engineering, and cost of beer making, and make it even more convenient for drinkers cheap air force to consume cheap nike shoes their beverages.

Online shopping has become increasingly more popular among customers, giving rise to new distribution outlets.

buy cheap retro jordans online With the rise of the Internet, customers also have more sources to obtain information and reviews about a product and a company, affecting traditional medium of marketing and promotion. buy cheap retro jordans online

cheap jordans on sale Awareness of green consumerism and ethical issues about the socio environmental costs of a company are on the rise. As environmental protection movement has achieved its momentum in recent years, companies that are branded as environmentally friendly and eco friendly are more likely to receive positive feedback from guests and maintain a positive public image (OECD, 2012). cheap jordans on sale

cheap jordans real website New sources of energy that are more efficient and cheap jordans from china environmentally friendly are more extensively applied. cheap jordans real website

The beer industry is one cheap jordans sale of the most highly regulated industries around the world. For example, in the UK, the marketing and advertising of alcoholic beverage are highly restricted; cheap jordans online excise tax on beer brewery company is among the highest in the world; it is illegal for someone under 18 to purchase or consume alcohol; labeling and branding are also regulated with health warning message on alcoholic beverages, etc.

cheap jordans 11 Environmental regulations regarding a company’s eco footprint, CO2 emission, etc. Some popular brands in the UK and EU are Astley Vineyards, Brightwell Vineyard, Camel Valley Vineyard, Chapel Down, Hambledon Vineyard, Lyme Bay Winery, Simpsons Wine Estate, Sixteen Ridges, Wiston Estate Vineyard cheap jordans 11

real cheap jordans websites In short, the beer industry is an extremely competitive industry with various providers of different size and scales, offering similar or differentiated products. Nonetheless, there does exist some major players in this market. real cheap jordans websites

nice cheap jordans Bargaining power of suppliers: nice cheap jordans

With regard to the beer industry, suppliers do have considerably high bargaining power. In order to make cheap jordans free shipping beer, the company requires various inputs including raw materials for making beer (wheat, yeast, barley, etc.), packaging materials (aluminium, cardboard, glass, etc.), ingredients, brewing equipment etc. These products are cheap jordan sneakers subject to the conditions of the commodity market, and any disruption in this market in term of harvest and supply will definitely affect the quality and production price of beer products.

cheap jordans toronto New entrant into the beer brewing industry is quite challenging because the initial capital requirement is very high. The big brewery companies also benefit from economies of cheap yeezys scale and an cheap air jordan extensive network of suppliers. In addition, they also have to obtain myriad licenses and certificates to comply with the government’s heavy regulations over this market. cheap jordans toronto

cheap nike jordans shoes online Customers have a lot of power in the beer market since they have many options when Cheap Nike Air Jordan deciding what and where to consume. Depending on customers’ demographics and preferences, they will choose a suitable type of beverage. cheap nike jordans shoes online

cheap air jordans for youth Substitutes of products and services: cheap air jordans for youth

cheap nike jordans uk There are close substitutes to the types of products that Cobra currently offers. For example, if Cobra has Cobra Lower which is low in calories, there are also many other low calorie beers such as Budweiser Select 55, Miller Light, Miller 64, Corona Light, Heineken Light, cheap jordans for sale and so on. In Europe, wine is also a very common complement to any meal. In addition, sparkling drink and spirits are also widely consumed in bars/pubs and restaurants. cheap nike jordans uk

cheap jordans online shopping In short, from the external environment analysis, although Cobra beer has established a firm presence in its market segment, competition in the beer industry in particular and alcoholic market in general is every intense, requiring cheap jordans china the company to develop comprehensive and effective strategies to promote the company’s image and differentiate it from its competitors. Nonetheless, the beer industry is in its maturity stage as characterized by slower market growth, customers’ shifting focus from whether to buy the product to deciding on different brands based on prices and service quality, increasing international competition, and marginally falling profitability (Sabol, et al., 2013). cheap jordans online shopping

cheap jordans real II. Analysis of the internal environmentTo summarize Cobra Beer’s internal environment, both resource based analysis and value chain analysis have been performed. Resource based view analyses the internal factors, including both tangible and intangible resources, that constitute a firm’s sustainable source of growth and performance. From that analysis, it pinpoints the firm’s most cheap jordans shoes strategic resources and capabilities which establish core competencies (Robbins Coulter, 2012). In order for these resources to become a source cheap jordans in china of sustainable comparative advantages, they have to be beneficial, unique, robust, and imperfectly non imitable (Barney, 1986). Value chain analysis scrutinizes all firm’s primary and supporting activities and how they work together to create a firm’s competitive position cheap jordans real.

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