They do not want travelers to have a bad enough time that they

This seems like the perfect situation for a dictionary we have keys (each individual line), and values (the total distance from that string to all others). Using a list seems to mean we have to care about random indices which honestly don matter at all.This would give some function like:lenDict = {}for string in strList:As an upside, I find it to be much more legible to make the inner part of the loop a 1 liner with this method, so lenDict[string] = sum([hammingDistance(string, otherStr) for otherStr in strList]).From here, it trivial to get the smallest element of this by passing min an alternate key function, meaning min(lenDict, key=lambda string: lenDict[string]).Of course, we can then use a dictionary comprehension to solve this all in 2 line (after converting the input to some strList, and 2 instead of 1 because the lambda in min would require the dictionary to be assigned to a variable name I believe), but it becomes fairly unreadable. For a true 1 liner (assuming distance is previously defined, and strList has been formatted), you can use:min(strList, key= lambda str1: sum([distance(str1, str2) for str2 in strList]))While I haven run this literal code, the above is correct modulo small errors.

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